How to Start Planning Your Wedding

Great news, you’re engaged! It’s only natural to want to dive headfirst into wedding prep. But hold on a bit! Spend a few weeks just enjoying your newly engaged status. Use this time to discuss your dream wedding with your partner. This will help organize your thoughts for the next steps – budgeting, venue selection, and setting a date. -Mandy Connor, Hummingbird Events & Design.

Begin by discussing the vibe and style you both want for your wedding with your fiancé. Consider factors like location, guest count and any significant places or experiences you both share. Discuss with your family about their expectations and funding for the wedding. -Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides.

How to Start Planning Your Wedding
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Before you start planning, decide on your budget and guest count. These two factors are critical to your wedding planning process. If family members plan to contribute, find out how much they will give so you know your total budget. -Mandy Connor, Hummingbird Events & Design.

Don’t get too hung up on minor details like seat cushion colors or place card fonts. Instead, focus on the fun parts such as crafting your wedding ceremony scripts. This keeps you grounded, connected, and reminds you of the true meaning of your big day. -Steven Greitzer, CEO, Provenance.

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Wedding Planner

Hire a wedding planner early! They can guide you through crucial early decisions, like choosing a venue, ensuring you start your planning correctly. -Natalie Good, Creative Director, A Good Affair.

Start by drafting your guest list. This will give you an idea of your budget and venue size. A wedding planner can help you stay organized. -Kari Dirksen, Feathered Arrow Events.

Create a timeline for your tasks. Divide tasks by month, starting with high-priority items like budget, venue, and photographer. -Melanie Levin, LuckEleven Events.

Keep a list of all tasks and their deadlines to avoid getting overwhelmed. -Anna Rodenbeck, Whitehead + Co.


When looking for a venue, the cost of venue, catering, and bar should make up about half of your total budget. The rest can go towards vendors and décor. -Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides.

For your wedding ceremony, use digital tools like Provenance to customize your script. This saves you time and stress. -Steven Greitzer, CEO, Provenance.

Finally, don’t worry too much about the small details. Most guests won’t even notice them. Stay true to your own ideas and don’t overthink. -Chloe Skelly, Chloe Alise Events.

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